The membership program provides benefits for breweries and their employees when facing financial hardships

July 30, 2020 (Kennesaw, GA)—Georgia-based brewery Dry County Brewing Co. has come on board as the first corporate member of Bottleshare’s mutual aid initiative, Bottleshare Collective. The program, which allows breweries to sign up for a yearly membership that provides match-grant benefits, recently expanded to incorporate assistance for businesses in addition to their employees. This is the first step of many in the continued and expanded partnership between Dry County and Bottleshare.

Dry County has played an integral role in the evolution of Bottleshare since its inception over a year ago. Bottleshare Founder and Executive Director Christopher Glenn was working at Dry County the night of his fateful accident, and it was Dry County owner Trey Sinclair who put the bug in Christopher's ear to find a way to pay it forward within their community. On joining the program, owner Trey Sinclair says “As the owner of a brewery, joining Bottleshare Collective was a no brainer.”

Bottleshare Collective is a mutual aid initiative membership program that exclusively benefits members of the craft beverage industry. Members have access to match-grant funds to supplement their own fundraising efforts if their business or a worker suffers a hardship. The program now offers two levels of membership for businesses, individual and corporate. The individual level ($600 / year) covers employees while the corporate level ($1200 / year) covers both the business AND its employees. 

Although the program was created at the beginning of 2020, Founder Christopher Glenn truly realized the impact it could have on the craft beverage industry after COVID hit. “Through Bottleshare Collective, we’re creating an internal financial safety net to help protect our industry. When the COVID pandemic hit, everyone had to be reactive. Now, we want to be proactive. There are over 8,000 independent craft breweries in the US right now. If just a fraction of those breweries sign up, we’d be able to help dozens of breweries and their workers every year. And the more members we have, the more assistance we can provide to those members who are in need.”

If you want to learn more about the program, its benefits, and how to sign up, visit the Bottleshare Collective website page, or reach out to Bottleshare directly at

About Bottleshare

Bottleshare is a fundraising and fund distribution nonprofit organization for the craft beverage industry. The group raises money through various collaborations and partnerships within the community, and the generous support of donors and sponsors. Bottleshare then grants emergency financial assistance to brewery, winery, and distillery businesses and workers who have experienced extreme hardships that prevent them from working or producing an income. 

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