The passion that drives us forward is our relentless desire to uplift those experiencing extreme hardships through a shared love of Craft & Community.


This is where the Bottleshare journey began. Almost two years ago, Founder Christopher Glenn was still suffering the worst of symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a drunk driver some months earlier. It was at this time that he was approached to partner with Dry County Brewing Company and Lyft on a safe ride initiative, providing discounted Lyft rides for patrons of the brewery. The incredible outpour of support from the initiative lit a spark of hope inside Christopher, and thus, Bottleshare was born.

What We Do

As members of the craft beverage community, our mission is to support industry workers and their families when they experience adversity outside of the workplace. We do this by distributing emergency funds to grant recipients on a quarterly basis. These funds enable our fellow workers to pay their bills, put food on the table, and most importantly provide them a little bit of the hope and security they desperately need. When a fellow craft beverage worker is experiencing an emergency or extreme hardship, we not only want to help them financially, we want to lift their spirits, give them something to celebrate, and share our story in such a way that they feel their very own hope renewed.



During this difficult time, we want to make sure we continue to support the local businesses that have helped Bottleshare. This map provides a comprehensive list of the breweries in Georgia still operating and their updated hours and services provided, including curbside and to-go sales. We'll update as we receive more information.

We recommend that you always call ahead as information may change / update frequently.

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Learn about our Founder, Christopher Glenn, and the journey that put him on the path to create Bottleshare


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